APC Device IP Configuration Wizard 3.0


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Date Added:30 June, 2012

Author: APC

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You can use the APC Device IP Configuration Wizard to configure the basic TCP/IP settings (IP address, subnet mask, and default gateway) of the following: - Network Management Cards - Devices that contain embedded Network Management Cards Using the Wizard, you can configure the basic TCP/IP settings of installedor embedded Network Management Cards in either of the following ways: - Automatically discover and configure unconfigured Network Management Cards remotely over your TCP/IP network. - Configure or reconfigure a Network Management Card through a direct connection from the serial port of your computer to the device that contains the card. Requirements: The Wizard runs on Windows NT®, Windows 2000, Windows 2003, and Windows XP Intel-based workstations. The Wizard can discover and configure Network Management Cards only if they are on the same network segment as the computer that is running the Wizard.

Systems: Windows

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